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Monday, January 4, 2010

How to start friendship with twitter

Create your Twitter Account!

Welcome to nuffnangs and today, we would like to share how to find via twitter or how to start a friendship withh twitter. Twitter is one of the largest social network with capability to update photo and share your updates or status. Here the advantages of twitter compared to the other social network like facebook or myspace:

  1. So easy and simple and you just need to update your photo and status.
  2. No need to approve if you want to follow.
  3. Easy to share your favourite link or just type the URL and your follower will see the link.
  4. You can have follower when you follow them(usually people will follow you back)
  5. No need to waste your time update too much photo, profile, and comment.
  6. FREE!!!
How to register twitter?

 So how to register? Go to the registration page HERE . Fill in your details and Submit. The important of twitter is you can have 1000 visitors to your page for free when you follow them and update your status. But be creative so that they will love to click your link.

Follow us on twitter!!!

We will work very hard in order to achieve 1000 members soon. So why don't you join our community and follow our Twitter and click the follower button at the sidebar. Hope you enjoy with our work and effort.

We will work to be the best. Join us and welcome to the club!!!

Thank you,

Nuffnangs team 


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